IT/iOS/Android programmer for Apple iPhone Apps

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This project is a ‘Highly Challenging’ iPhone application. This internship is for an individual(s) that have the programming skills that are ready to be applied to ‘real world problem solving’ for a collaborative calling & decision making iPhone App. You will be asked to sign a ‘Non-Disclosure’ agreement before working on this code. The code will reveal what world class programming looks like. It is clean, well documented & detailed and cannot be revealed outside of this internship.
We are a team that works together remotely. We believe that we need to recruit young minded programmers that are willing to solve real world problems, but our vision of conducting our corporate culture revolves around doing real work and not teaching applicants 'office politics', since we are developing a mobile collaborative application.


- Coordinate with teams to utilize technology to improve communication:
You will be submitting your work to your Programming supervisor when code is completed in stages. You will also meet with your site supervisor weekly to debrief each week of work. There is no clerical work of any kind in this internship.

- Contribute in improving functionality & collaboration:
The most important qualification is an individual that is ‘hungry’ (entrepreneurial) and willing to learn. We are providing an environment where ideas and collaborative problem solving skills are welcome. If the answer is not available, will you take the initiative to ask and find it in a team environment? This will be a very ‘real world work experience’ internship where taking the initiative, solving problems & meeting deadlines are important.


- Have IT competency in the following:
This individual(s) will need to have a very good understanding of the iPhone platform, C#, .NET, XCode design screen, and know how to use all of the available resources offered by the iPhone, such as the GPS, the contact list, calendar, camera, notifications, to develop this application's features that will give rich, economic value to the end user of our Apple iPhone App.

- Possess skills in analyzing, formulating, trouble-shooting, and synthesizing:
This person will need to be part of the Apple development group. This developer will need to be enthusiastic about working openly with us in a collaborative environment, likewise creating a collaborative application and contributing ideas towards this endeavor.

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