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THE LATEST ( is a startup. We hope to launch in June of 2014. We have a great team that's been brainstorming this for a long time. On our team we have a former managing editor of the Los Angeles Times, a TV executive, a marketing whiz and some young social media types.

THE LATEST is all about making it incredibly simple for users to keep up with "the latest" in almost any topic.

Everyone wants to know "the latest." It's universal. Last month, 55 million Google searches included the word "latest" (latest justin bieber, latest iphone, latest fashion, latest news, etc.).

A designer who has done web work for Disney and others recently completed a terrific front-end design; now we need to program it. We have a knowledgeable senior lead developer who will oversee this as a consultant; you and a few colleagues would bash out the real work.

See technical requirements, below. We will have other interns specializing in social media, content, TV production, finance, etc. You will be exposed to a lot.

There is one very cool aspect of the site that might cause the world to go "ooh" and "ahh."

We are in West Los Angeles.

There is no cash pay at this time but there will be stock options for members of the programming team.

We are naturally biased, but we think this could be "the next big one." With your help, maybe it will be.

Jeff Hall


We will break the task down into components and you will oversee one of them. You will be encouraged to consult often with your peers or with our senior lead programmers. By late spring 2014 we hope to integrate everything into one cohesive whole.


Our project at will use SYMFONY as the platform. We people experienced using PHP, MySQL, etc.

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