Ruby On Rails developer

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Posted: 616 days ago
Company Location: Cranford, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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My name is Mike DeCastro. I'm the editor and content manger at

We've been in business for over 20 years. We're a well established company with a solid reputation in our community. We are in the process of reaching out in several directions, hoping to find a R o R developer who is in the process of learning, or may have recently graduated from a bootcamp, like App Academy or Dev Point Labs, etc.

For us, experience is secondary to creativity, and an easygoing focused personality. We are hoping to find not only a developer, but a business Partner as well... while learning by doing and creating. The position would be non-paid at first.

We'd like to create an automated "gate" within our business model, for clients to create their own advertising. All proceeds from this "gate" would be considered part of a salary package, and eventually a full Partnership within HQchannel.

We feel that we've already created a successful platform, for the right person to launch off of. Now, we believe that the right candidate can step in, and help bring us to our goal of having the most valuable return e-mail address in the state of NJ.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Using Ruby On Rails, create an automated "gate" within our business model, that allows clients to create their own advertising. This "gate" should be smart, and fun, intuitive, creative... and most of all, easy to use. We truly believe that once this "gate" is created, we will be able to reach our goals, show realistic and robust salary options, and gain a new and valued Partner.


Creativity. Focus. An enthusiasm to learn by doing. Easygoing. Know that you will be creating your own career, and Partnership within an already established and successful company.

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