Software Developer Intern

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Garagesocial, inc.
20 Park Plaza
Boston, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Paid

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The ultimate experience in a fast-paced and innovative tech start-up!

We are a team of passionate vehicle and technology enthusiasts creating next generation networking services for the automotive industry. We love the web and we love automobiles. Many have called us 'the facebook for cars'. Garagesocial allows you to showcase your vehicles, modifications, specs and so much more, all on our online community full of enthusiasts. We are integrating on a unified web platform both networking and e-commerce for this industry which has never existed on such a scale. Buy/Sell/Rent your vehicle, parts, services or just stay up to date with the industry, network learn and discover.

Last event photos (Garagesocial at SEMA 2013):

You'll be working on groundbreaking web development technologies both in the front end and back end. Experience all the stages a maturing start-up goes through; from, early stage product planning and development, server deployment, scaling infrastructure, server security, building scripts, investor pitching to marketing. Embrace this freedom to dive into any field beyond pure software development and make this project successful.


Current and expected technology stack
* Middle tier APIs & Web Services in
[PHP (Laravel), Ruby (ROR), Python (Django), Erlang, Java, Perl, Node.JS]

* Data and infrastructure development
[MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop (MapReduce) and Memcached, Puppet, Chef, Amazon AWS S3/Beanstalk/RDS]

* Dynamic front end web applications in JavaScript
[EmberJS, BackboneJS, CoffeeScript, Derby, jQuery]

* Other Tools Include
[Go, Solr, RabbitMQ, Haskell, Haml]

* Super Solid foundation in the basics of Web Development Technologies and Concepts (HTML5/CSS/Javascript/REST)
* Enjoy Server Side scripting experience (PHP, Python, Ruby ...)
* Understanding of MVC frameworks
* Linux/Unix

This is a highly competitive position and we are looking for the best and brightest who truly love software development just like us. An ideal candidate is also one who is versatile and has a diverse scope of knowledge on various technologies. The job will give you a lot of autonomy! You must not only be able to work on your own, but also be creative by giving insight and ideas for new features and aim for the best and not be satisfied with the minimum. While programming will be the bulk of your work, we expect you to add value beyond programming and help shape the direction of our company. Some of the characteristics we look for are:

• Highly motivated self-starter who can work independently.
• Determined and perfectionist, quitting is not a word in your vocabulary.
• Thirsty for knowledge and devising new processes, eager to learn, create and innovate.
• Highly effective and efficient, no wasting time! Focused on getting stuff done yesterday.
• Must be detail oriented and capable of “reading in between the lines,” looking beyond the obvious.
• Strong attention to details and desire to making things look nice

Graphic Design experience

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