Software Development Intern

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Mt. Baker Bio
Posted: 696 days ago
Company Location: Everett, WA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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You want to be at the forefront of the new wave of Green design that is sweeping global manufacturing. You care about human health and the environment, and you wish to see Greener materials used where traditional, fossil-fuel based products have dominated. At Mt. Baker Bio, one of Washington State’s Top 50 Greenest companies, our team of engineers and scientists are depending on your expertise in software development to push our innovative products to the next level of exposure. Our products are exclusively aimed at creating disruptive solutions for urgent environmental problems. We are also heavily involved in waste and resource management policy.

As a software development intern at Mt. Baker Bio, you will be an integral team member of an industry-disruptive materials and waste management startup. We are known for being the world’s only Green life science plastics manufacturing and distribution company, but we are looking to branch out into other markets, such as water sports and high-tech composites using upcycled plastics. To do so, we will need the associated apps, website functionality, and e-commerce required to popularize and successfully commercialize our technology.

An internship at Mt. Baker Bio would give you unrivalled exposure to modern Green design in a startup setting and the ability to make a name for yourself as a software developer in this highly competitive emerging industry. We aim to revolutionize global manufacturing philosophies away from the environmentally harmful practices of the past towards a Greener future, and we want you to be a part of this mission.

As several of our new products are about to go live on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter, this would initially be an unpaid internship, with pay contingent on the success of our Kickstarter campaigns after 3 months. If we feel you are a good long term fit for our team, you will stick with us and help build our 4 startup companies.


We are a small team, so you will play a large role in upcoming developments, and will have to “wear many hats.” We are engineers, scientists, and business people, not computer people: you will be an essential component of our team, and you must be a team player who can communicate the complexity of your work clearly, and likewise be comfortable with communication that may not be given in the technical jargon with which you have been trained. You will develop apps for laboratory recycling management, plastics recycling generally, product cataloguing, and more e-commerce related projects. In addition, you will perform basic graphic design functions and assist in website design. It is highly desired that you are experienced with apps, website design (front and back-end), graphic design, and CAD. In addition, a basic understanding of contemporary environmental crises and a commitment to resolving them is an absolute must. Demonstrated experience, love of nature and professional initiative are more important than your academic credentials.

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