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Enterprise Portfolio Software, Inc. (EPS) is developing a project portfolio software tool that it expects to launch this year. The company is located in West Los Angeles and expects in the next few years to become major player in the project management arena.

EPS is looking for several bright, energetic students with working knowledge of Java and Javascript to help EPS in the development, maintenance and testing of its new product, EPPORA (Enterprise Project Portfolio Optimized Resource Allocator). If you are interested, send a copy of your resume to


1. Creating test cases for automated test of product using Selenium

2. Correcting latent defects in product

3. Impelenting conversion tools between popular competitor products (for example: Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, CA Clarity, etc and our product).

4. Implementing product enhancements


1. Java and javascript expertise

2. If college student, then a minimum 3.5 GPA in computer science courses

3. Fluent in English language

4. Able to solve complex problems expeditiously

5. Dependable, responsible, productive and hard working

6. Willing to work minimum 10 hours per week

7. Quick learner

8. Knowledge of Selenium desirable

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