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Come spend an exciting 12 weeks with the GoHealth Development Team! As a Software Engineer Intern, you will have the opportunity to work with Scrum and Continuous Integration practitioners who are passionate about learning and sharing their knowledge. Your summer will be spent enhancing your Spring, Hibernate and MySQL skills alongside seasoned developers and architects.

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What you'll do as a part of the GoHealth Product Development Team…
- Practice Scrum and all its ceremonies (planning meetings, demos and retrospective meetings). Everyone is given an opportunity to be a Scrum Master.
- Stand to meet daily in front of our task boards. Yes, we use Post-It notes.
- Create, innovate and conduct "brown-bag" technical sessions.
- Everyone writes code — even our Architects.

The code we write is at least 80 percent covered by JUnit test cases. Test cases are written for our business logic, DAO implementations and controllers.

Here's just a bit about the development tools you'll utilize:

We use JDK 1.6, Jenkins, PMD, CPD, CheckStyle, Mercurial, Eclipse, CentOS, Apache Ivy, Apache Ant, Capistrano and MXJ.

Our applications are powered by Spring, Hibernate and other Open Source frameworks.


Excellent problem solving skills
Willingness to learn and be part of a fast-growing department
Experience with Java web development (XHTML, JSPs, Servlets, etc.)
Experience working with a common IDE (Eclipse, NetBeans, etc.)

How To Apply

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