Software Engineer - Intern

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1621 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Full-time, Paid

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Be challenged, well-paid, and do impactful work with the most advanced YouTube technology partner; on a fun and dedicated team. At ZEFR, you'll work with the best and brightest engineers from Bloomberg, Blizzard, Cisco, Salient, Sapient Nitro, IGT, and Salesforce. As one of our small team, you'll be given a project to complete within a 13-15 week timeline; working 40 hours per week. You'll get all the perks as being a part of our team including team sports, paid dinners, a beverage bar, and access to bikes, surfboards, paddle boards, and even weekly car washes :).

We provide technology solutions for the biggest content owners and brands on YouTube. ZEFR started as a Rights Management and Monetization platform and we have since bolstered our offering to include Channel Management and Tune-in, and most recently BrandID. As the dominant solution for content owners across Music, Movies, TV, and Sports, ZEFR has established itself as the one-stop shop for the Enterprise. Some of our clients include Warner Bros., SNL, Sony Music, Nascar, Universal Pictures, and more. Our goal is your goal: to understand your fans, monetize your IP, create awareness, and build an audience on YouTube. While focusing on our clients, we are proud to say we have never lost a customer. We love content, want it to be valued, and believe in the virtuous cycle of connecting fans and franchises for the good of all.

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Build, test, release, and maintain large scale internal tools used by numerous internal employees and drives millions of external viewers
Write applications to utilize undocumented 3rd party APIs, A-B testing to learn what works best
Write server-side code for web-based applications, create robust high-volume production applications, and develop prototypes quickly
Collaborate with team members to work on cross-platform projects


Required Experience:
Upcoming Seniors obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
Upcoming graduates of any MS in a CS related field
Those pursuing a PhD, any year
Experience with data structures and algorithms
Extensive programming experience in Python or Javascript
Good verbal and written communications skills, all-around team player
Experience with large-scale, distributed systems design and development with a strong understanding of scaling, performance and

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