Software Engineering Intern at Y-Combinator Company

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At Framebase, we build technology that's simplifies the way applications work with video. We're changing the way people interact with technology, and helping to put new companies in business.

We’re an early stage startup based out of SoMa, San Francisco, and offer the full entrepreneurial experience: hard work, high fun, free soda, and Settlers of Catan. You'll fit in well.

Those afraid of a challenge need not apply. Those excited for a challenge will be rewarded well.


We have two open positions. One primarily in creating small side applications for Framebase. We're looking for someone to write tutorials and experiment with different applications with our platform. If you enjoy building short term projects, this is perhaps the position for you.

The other position we have is for someone to work on our JavaScript library and potentially our backend. You will be responsible on working on the library responsible for handling our frontend playback, uploading and recording. Solid JavaScript skills are required for the job.


We're looking for a developer that is junior, but versed in one full development stack. You should have basic working knowledge of how to set up an AWS instance, install a web server and a work in a web framework. If you can work in Django, or Rails and deploy on Heroku, that's great.

Solid JavaScript and HTML/CSS is a big bonus.

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