Software Engineering Internship with living room computer manufacturer

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Holly Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Paid (College Credit Required)

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STEIGER DYNAMICS® is a revolutionary Home Theater PC (HTPC) manufacturer bringing high-end computing to the comfort of the living room. SD’s vision is to maximize the home entertainment experience with multi-functional devices which connect to the TV and deliver the best possible digital audio, video, and gaming quality. SD’s products completely replace numerous existing devices like Blu-ray players, DVRs, Desktop PCs, and gaming consoles.

The STEIGER DYNAMICS headquarter is based in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The small team is mainly based there but also includes world wide freelancers. SD is providing looking for a software engineering intern.The internship requires full time attendance.

Compensation is USD 300 per month. Internship is for 2-3 months..


Responsibilities include (among others) the support of the following:
- Automated deployment of operating systems to personal computers (Windows 8.1, Steam OS, Linux)
- Scripted hardware stress testing
- Scripted after-deployment OS optimization (settings, programs, etc)
- Troubleshooting of driver and OS issues
- Optimization and further development of the LEET Monitor app, the front screen hardware monitoring tool of our LEET HTPC incl. standalone option for regular PCs.
- Website coding
- Other software and hardware related tasks
Our philosophy is to treat and respect interns like fellow employees.


- Eligible to receive college credit for the internship (US applicants)
- Compensation is $300 p. month
- Windows, Linux, HTML, C,
- Minimum educational requirement: Junior in College or University, Software Engineering major
- Mobility (own vehicle) to get to work and back and run errands for the company (petrol will be compensated for business trips)
- Versatility and interest in PC hardware and software, and tech in general.
- Authentic, and honest personality.
- Ready to push and bring to success the most immerse form of home entertainment.

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