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This is a great opportunity to gain software experience while helping a worthy cause. Strengthen your resume by helping to design and develop a unique, highly interactive educational software program on personal finance for 16-19-year-olds.

App to Succeed Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that aims to end poverty in the United States by provide best-in-class, comprehensive personal finance information for at-risk Americans to enable them to become and remain financially responsible, self-sufficient and successful.

We regret, as a nonprofit, we are not, yet, able to pay our interns, but we do offer other forms of compensation:
1. For completing your commitment to the internship, your name will be acknowledged on the
organizations' website and in the credits of the software program when published.
2. Academic credit and / or community service hours are given, with school approval.
3. Interns who complete their assignment well enough to use in the program, will receive an
Internship certificate.
4. Those that are exceptional interns and make a significant contribution will receive personal letter
of recommendation written by the CEO instead of the certificate.
5. Interns will benefit from the personal finance information he/she learns and writes about for the
6. Flexibility:
- Hours are flexible
- Start dates and end dates are flexible.
- Work can be done remotely and meetings can be held by Skype, or by phone, saving the
time and cost of commuting.
- The number of weeks and hours per week will be determined based on the intern's
abilities, scope of interest, commitment and availability. Many of our interns take paid jobs
elsewhere, not related to their career interest, while they do their career-related internship
with App to Succeed.


You will have the opportunity to do similar to the assignments listed below.
1. Integrate animation with software content.
2. Add content and visuals to software.
3. Add audio to software
4. Develop software, navigation and multimedia components to follow script.
5. Add to Software Manual. Write up assignments you worked on, where to find the work, how you
did it , how to change it, how to maintain and update it, so the next person who works on the
assignment, I.e. to apply it to another segment of the software, will understands what you have
done and how you did it.
6. Expand database interface with software and with website input and output.
7. Expand ability for software to store input correctly in database and auto-populate software
correctly from database.
8. Develop ability for database to automatically email to appropriate person with appropriate
information at the appropriate time.
9. Ensure top security for software and database and website.


Freelance Software designer/developer, graduate level computer science majors with emphasis on software development.
Undergraduate college students about to graduate or have graduated with computer science Major, advanced course work and experience in software development.

Proficiency in: PHP, MYSQLI, CSS, JavaScript, Github

A minimum of 10 hours per week is required for a long-term commitment (over 4 months) and a minimum of 25 hours per week is required for a short-term commitment under three months.

The intern must have the ability to:
Complete their designated assignments.
Effectively communicate his/her questions, ideas, and status of progress.
Meet commitments on time.
Work with technical peers.
Communicate with non-technical management.
Work independently and virtually.
Strong preference for candidates who know how to integrate multimedia components (film, audio, animation, etc.) with software.

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