Fit Code Fitness Coach & Trainer for Adults and Youth (Sports Performance)

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Fit Code, INC
10318 S Western
Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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Fit Code Performance and Fitness is currently seeking interns for the adult fitness programs, as well as the youth athletic development program (Athletic Revolution). All training sessions take place within on of the Fit Code Facilities. 60-90 day Internship preferred. Fit Code will begin reviewing candidates in March. Number of positions available limited. Fit Code works with athletes ages 6-18 and some professionals on a weekly basis all looking to improve their performance. Fit Code provides services for adult clients seeking a variety of goals, from fat loss to increased muscle mass and improved health.


Interns at Fit Code will be expected to observe and participate in sessions with both major population groups served within the facility.

Provides individual and group exercise instruction; educates participants on proper techniques to maximize exercise safety and effectiveness.

Interns will be expected to participate in facility maintenance.

Interns will help to implement various marketing campaigns throughout the duration of their study.

Interns will be expected to understand and verbally explain the various fitness programs within the facility.

Interns will possibly be expected to design portions of the youth athletic development program sessions.

Applicant will be expected to coach large and small group exercise sessions in a professional and confident manner.

Applicant may assist in conducting fitness testing and assessments and advising participants of results

Intern may help design individualized programs to meet the member’s interests, abilities and goals.

Other responsibilities include but are not limited to:
- Explaining "why" clients/athletes are performing certain movements/activities
- Demonstrating all movements/drills/activities with proper technique
- Implementing variations and modifications for all movements/activities


The student/intern must have an interest in training young athletes and adults. Experience with children/youth is preferred. Intern will be expected to pass a background check before interacting with any youth athletes.

Education/coursework within related health & fitness fields (Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Sport/Fitness Management, Recreation, ect) preferred.

Experience with basic exercise movements and technique preferred.

Applicant must have a passion for a healthy lifestyle. Health & Fitness Coaches are expected to "practice what we preach" on a daily basis through consistant exercise and proper nutrition.

Student applicants that have an interest in opening and owning their own training facility will find an internship at Fit Code to be tremendously beneficial.

Additional Requirements include:
- Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
- Outgoing and Personable personality
- Ability to efficiently manage own time
- Ability to demonstrate attention to detail
-Good computer skills preferred

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