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ML Strength is a private athletic performance training facility in White Plains, NY. The Founder of ML Strength, Dana Cavalea, created ML Strength with the vision of enhancing human performance of athletes and the general population. At ML Strength we utilize the same training protocols that professional athletes use including injury prevention, recovery, rehabilitation, and the most effective training techniques. Our methods ensure our athletes reach their goals safely and efficiently.

All intern coaches will go through ML University to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to implement the ML Strength Coaching Methodology.

In addition, interns will:
• Receive an invaluable experience in the Sports Performance and Coaching Field
• Help coach training sessions at the facility
• Track and take detailed notes on all client training and affairs
• Assist in evaluating, assessing, and enhancing the performance of athletes

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Passionate individuals who thrive in a team environment.

Students seeking degrees in the field of exercise science, physical education, education, and/or related fields are desired. In addition, those with experience in training team sports are preferred. Former/current athletes will be heavily considered.

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