Sports Strength & Speed Internship

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The purpose of the Perfect Performance coaching internship program is to educate participants in all aspects of sports performance coaching. The desired outcome is to provide each intern with practical experience that will enable them to excel in sports performance coaching upon completion of their degree.

Perfect Performance, LLC is a full service sports performance training company offering strength, speed, and sport specific skill development services to youth, high school, adult, and professional athletes. Our services are offered in our 14,000SF facility located in Vienna, VA, as well as satellite locations in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Interns will assist the Facility Director and Quality Control Specialist (QCS) in implementing a comprehensive athletic performance enhancement program. That comprehensive program includes learning through a curriculum dedicated to building proficiency in cutting edge athletic training techniques (which includes: acceleration, multi-directional movement, agility, top speed mechanics, Olympic weightlifting, and muscular strength & conditioning techniques). Interns will be required to participate in groups, observe Facility Director/QCS, and assist in coaching as part of their training.

The intern will gain valuable experience of every facet of the sports performance training industry, as well as gain insight into the business administration and operations. Perfect Performance seeks interns that have a passion for teaching, communicating, and motivating athletes at all levels to achieve their desired goals.


• Participate in training sessions
• Observes and shadows Facility Director/QCS during training sessions of various ages, skill levels, and protocols
• Lead small groups of athletes in their speed and strength workouts
• Assist with open-house presentations and demonstrations
• Attend and participate coaches’ meetings
• Assists Facility Director/QCS with maintaining the facility & updating athletes’ files
• Completes all assigned readings, lectures, labs, and assignments in a timely and concise manner
• Adhere to the Perfect Performance dress code and professional conduct requirements


• Enthusiastic and positive attitude
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Ability to manage athletes of all ages and group size
• Ability to motivate and inspire an athlete to push beyond physical and mental limits
• Understanding of core competencies of strength and movement mechanics

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