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We provide valuable internships to students pursuing a bachelor or advanced degree. We give hands-on experience that allows for students to take what they have learned in their courses and apply it in the sports world. Students can choose an area to specialize in throughout their internship, ranging from Marketing, Advertising, Operations, and Communications. We strive to help students gain real experience in an office; interns are seen as valuable contributors to the overall organization and expect enthusiasm and professionalism as well.


Internships are offered in Spring, Summer, or Fall formats. ISE works with schools to provide sufficient required hours; internships are available on a part-time or full-time format, and based on availability and organizational needs.

It is in our best interest to hire the most qualified students for our internship program. We accept both undergraduate and graduate students, and undergraduate priority will be given to students completing their junior year and above.


Our internship program allows students the opportunities to get their foot into the sporting industry. To ensure that our interns are in fact students, they must be enrolled at an accredited four or five-year college or university and earning a bachelor or advance degree in the areas of Sport Management, Business, Marketing, etc. Interns must be receiving college/university credit for their internship. Proof of these requirements must be provided by their college/university prior to internship start date.

Prospective interns should understand that internships with ISE are unpaid, and students are expected to be able to support themselves financially, including living situations if they are not previously located in the Greater Phoenix Area.

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