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Get focused.
Gain access to four easy assessments that identify your values, skills, personal qualities and preferences and show you how to use them to your advantage. Whether you need to choose a career or enhance your sales pitch for an interview, Career Navigator can clear your mind — and turn your next move into your master stroke.
Discover yourself.
By taking these fun exercises, you’ll discover:
  • Your personality type, and which jobs are naturally suited to your tendencies 
  • Your “strong skills,” and how to market them effectively when applying for jobs 
  • How to choose a workplace that shares your goals and attitudes 
  • How to communicate your best qualities in an interview

Introduce yourself and get noticed.
A personalized video introduction on your profile lets employers know who you are and what you’re all about.
Make a memorable first impression.
There are some things that a paper resume can’t convey –communicate more about your personality and make your application engaging and memorable.
Strengthen your application.
Showcase your creativity and your technological savvy. Don’t just write it – stand out from the crowd and tell your story!

Learn the ropes.
Our employers want interns who have had training in the practical skills expected in the workplace. Show them that you are ready to be hired!
Demonstrate your knowledge.
Earn an “iCertified” badge for your profile and gain access to exclusive downloadable documents that you can use to track your progress and learning.
Get noticed.
We showcase our iCertified students in search results so that our employers can easily contact and hire qualified candidates for their internship opportunities.

Find interesting companies near you.
This is more than just a Google search – it’s a powerful tool that gives you access to over 5 million U.S. companies and lets you find and research the ones that you want to work for.
Avoid the crowd and contact the right people.
While the majority of internship seekers send resumes to an anonymous email address, you will have direct access to contact hiring managers and top level employees.
Create an internship opportunity.
Many companies near you may not have advertised openings and will respond to proactive students that take the initiative to reach out to them.

Get in front of the line - anytime.
When you submit applications as a Premium Member, your resume goes to the top of the application stack ready for review by our employers, no matter when you apply.
Stand out from the crowd.
Your applications will have a special look that tells our employers you are motivated and ready for an internship.
Improve your chances.
Employers may have hundreds of resumes to look at for an internship posting. Being at the Top of the Pile means you’re more likely to be seen and contacted – and more likely to land the internship of your dreams!

Get noticed early and often.
Thousands of employers search for students on every day. Ensure that your profile is one of the first ones that hiring managers see during their search. Our employers will find you!
Stay ahead of the crowd.
You will automatically rise to the top of any search that matches your profile. As you improve your profile, you will appear in more searches – and be contacted by more employers for their internship openings.
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