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An internship is an essential part of figuring out and furthering your career goals, but knowing what internships are out there, and then matching up with one that's well-suited to your aspirations can be tricky without the right resources.

Check out these pointers that can help you manage the search and application process.

  1. What type of internship is right for me? Before you can choose your ideal internship, you need to narrow down your search to industry areas that fit your style and interests.'s Internship Predictor™ can help guide you to the types of internships you should consider based on your strengths — including some that you might not have thought of.

  2. How do I search for an internship? Our powerful search tool gives you the precision to cut through irrelevant listings and go straight to the jobs you really want. You can start by searching for a keyword, location or company name, and then filter out internships by compensation type, schedule and eligibility for academic credit. saves your previous searches if you’re logged in, and can even send you notifications when jobs matching your search results or career profile become available.

  3. How do I write a resume? A resume highlights your experiences to date, describing your knowledge, skills and abilities, and relates them to an employer's needs. Your Profile page on does the heavy work for you, helping you communicate your relevant work experience in a style that employers recognize as clean and distinctly professional, both on a printed page and the Web. You’ll never have to worry about indents, margins or fonts again.

  4. How do I write a cover letter? The purpose of the cover letter is to explain how your accomplishments, experiences, education and skills can add value to the specific needs of a particular company. The QuickBuild Cover Letter™ handles all the design, structure and formatting for you, while also providing guidance on what each part of your cover letter should communicate. With our flexible system, your cover letter can be as original or regimented as you’d like.

  5. How do I prepare for my interview? We know. Preparing for an interview can be a little nerve-racking. Not only do you need to have your own facts straight, but you need to know about the internship and the company. Don’t worry — there are a few easy exercises you can go through to make sure you’re ready for just about anything interviewers will throw at you. For everything you need to succeed at an interview, including instructions from successful interns and employers themselves, check out our Student Resources.

  6. What do I do after the interview? Following up after an interview is an often forgotten, but very necessary part of getting an internship. If done properly, thank you notes can highlight a special interest in the position and set you apart from the competition. But following up with a business isn’t quite like thanking Aunt Cynthia for coming to your graduation. Our Student Resources section will teach you how to finish the swing.

Your internships search doesn't have to be overwhelming, and we’re here to help. In addition to the tons of free services in our Student Resources section, we also offer a Premium Advantage membership that puts you right in front of the companies you want to work for. You can also try our new Live Coach feature, which lets you hire an expert of your choice for personalized resume evaluations, inside industry information and access to influential contacts.