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    Let us help you build a clean, professional resume in minutes. Completing your profile doubles your chances of finding that perfect internship. Not only can you instantly apply to internships you find on our site, but your profile also becomes searchable by thousands of employers who come to our site every day to fill positions.

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    Cut down on repetitive searches with our Saved Search feature, which can automatically e-mail you when new internships that match your search criteria become available on our site. Look for this option in the 'Current Search' box on the upper right hand corner of our search pages.

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    You don't have to do a thing — employers will find you. Thousands of employers search for their next interns on This Premium feature ensures that your profile is one of the first that pops up when an employer searches for candidates like you.

  • Career Navigator*

    Our four simple assessments identify your values, skills, personal qualities and preferences and show you how to use them to your advantage. You’ll discover:

    •  Your personality type, and which jobs are naturally suited to your tendencies
    •  Your “strong skills,” and how to market them effectively when applying for jobs
    •  How to choose a workplace that shares your goals and attitudes
    •  How to communicate your best qualities in an interview

*Premium Advantage feature