The Interview

Reference list example


  • 1000 Terry Avenue
  • Atlanta, Georgia 30303
  • 404-555-1234


  • John D. Green
  • Manager
  • The ABC Organization
  • 234 Rossdale Avenue
  • Atlanta, Georgia 30303
  • 404-123-5467 w

John Green served as my supervisor and can speak to my strengths as a team player and my ability to complete multiple tasks on time while providing excellent customer service. He knows my ability to work well with a diverse group of co-workers and customers.

  • Sally Jones
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • 1 Peachtree Plaza
  • Atlanta, Georgia 43215
  • 404-200-3000

Sally Jones oversaw the several projects that I spent time weekly volunteering on. She can speak to my relationship building, dedication to getting the job done and innovative thinking skills. I readily volunteered to assist when the projects needed additional workers.

  • Mark Brown, Ph.D.
  • Professor
  • Georgia State Community College
  • 123 Jones Street
  • Atlanta, Georgia 40035
  • 404-833-9687

Dr. Brown has been my professor for three classes. He can speak to my strong academic standards and high quality work completed on individual and group assignments. Dr. Brown has also served as an academic advisor to me and has witnessed my commitment to my education and strong desire to succeed professionally.