The Preparation

Finding A Paid Summer Internship

When you want to learn new skills, build your resume, AND make some money over the summer, you might be thinking that you’re asking too much. Fortunately, there are internship programs that will give you the best of all these worlds, and will help you find them.

Who Offers Paid Internships?

Paid summer internships are more common in certain fields and with specific types of organizations. Private companies, large corporations, law firms, and real estate firms tend to be more likely than not-for-profit companies or programs in the government sector to offer paid internships. However, many companies are becoming increasingly aware of the value of having educated, professional students intern with them, and in return they offer hourly wages or a stipend. Payment for a summer internship can be arranged in a variety of ways; you may encounter installment payments or perhaps one payment of a lump sum based on the hours you worked as an intern.

The Challenges and Rewards of Summer Internships

Because you’re being compensated like a regular employee, a paid internship may be more demanding than a non-paying internship job. As a paid intern, you may also be held to a higher standard than an intern working only for experience or school credit. While this might initially seem like a drawback, the challenge can make your internship experience even more valuable. You may be given tasks that are more demanding but also build your skill set more than you’d ever dreamed. And when it comes time to describe what your summer internship required of you on your resume, you’ll see a very impressive picture of yourself emerging. As a paid intern, you’ll have the experience of budgeting your paycheck and managing your money. The value of the first paycheck you receive as an intern is only surpassed by the joy of knowing you’ve done a great job and gained some valuable skills.

The Potential for Future Employment

Perhaps you’re hoping to get even more out of your summer internship than valuable experience and a bit of cash; maybe you’re hoping to become a full-time employee at the company you intern with. While there are usually no guarantees, it’s something worthwhile to work and hope for. While you’re performing the duties of your summer internship, think about what you’re showing your employer about your skills, your loyalty, your professionalism, and your teamwork abilities. It may be that your employer is studying your capabilities and attitude to consider you for a position as a permanent employee.

In many cases, employers will look at interns with a favorable eye when it comes time to make hiring decisions. After all, a summer internship gives you the opportunity to prove your value to the company. The employer will know what you’re like and what you’re capable of before they even interview you for the permanent job! You’ll walk in your first day with a full understanding of the company’s culture, business environment, and the nature of the work you’ll be doing. There’s nothing better than that kind of experience to allow you to hit the ground running and provide huge value to your new employer right away. In this way, a summer internship can be of immense benefit to employer and intern alike.

Sizing Up the Competition

A truth of paid summer internships, however, is that the competition for them is stiff. There aren’t as many paid internships out there as there are students searching for them. Therefore, you’ll want to get an early start on your search for summer internships. The huge number of listings and the internship resources you’ll find on will give you a leg up on the competition.

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