The Preparation

Getting iCertified: The Intern Certification Program

Most internships don’t last more than a few months, so it’s important to make a lasting impression on your employer as soon as you walk in the door for the interview. Many interns who don’t get job offers from their companies are victims of one or two bad habits — seemingly small — that snowball into larger problems.

The Intern Certification Program is a three-part online course that guides you through best practices for starting an internship — or, really, any new job. It's based on research into workplace psychology and feedback from career counselors and business experts.

Getting iCertified helps you to:

  • Understand your role in your internship
  • Possess the skills and flexibility to do well
  • Build momentum that gains you credibility
  • Avoid situations that could damage credibility
  • Learn how to score early wins with the company

But it’s not just a handy primer. When you pass the program, employers will see an ‘iCertified’ badge next to your name and resume when they search the site for intern candidates. Being iCertified on makes your listing pop, and shows you’re prepared to hit the ground running like a consummate professional.

The Intern Certification Program is among the list of useful features available to Premium Members. For a 12-month membership fee of just $20, you can do more to boost your chances of being hired than taking extra courses.