The Preparation

Proofing your resume

Not sure your resume will impress your employers?

Have your resume professionally reviewed!

Make sure you’re maximizing all of the best practices in writing an effective resume with resume review.  In just 48 hours we’ll fine tune your resume so that it represents you accurately while portraying a professional image with spelling, grammar, formatting and readability correct.

How this paid service works

  1. Perfecting your resume is easy.  Just complete your resume by filling in your Objective, education, job experience and other information.
  2. When you’re finished, click on the Resume Review ad and purchase the service.  Or, click here to buy the Resume Review service now.
  3. Your resume will then be reviewed by one of our professional reviewers.
  4. Within 48 hours, we will email to you your reviewed resume:
  • Add your contact information to the formatted resume and apply to positions not listed on or use it as a handout during an interview.
  • Simply copy and paste your reviewed resume into your resume.  You are then ready to be found by employers searching our resume database or to use your resume to apply for internships.
  • As an added bonus we’ll also include any suggestions we have for making your resume even better.

What to expect in the Resume Review

  • Our reviewers will fix spelling and grammatical errors, adjust formatting and improve readability.  If there’s a better word, phrase, or sentence, we’ll make the change or include it as a suggestion to communicate your value to an employer.
  • We will also help you communicate your knowledge, skills and experience by ensuring the best practices of great resume writing are used.
  • And if there’s anything missing, our reviewers will include suggestions about how you can fill in those gaps. Resume Review is not a resume writing service. We can only review, and sometimes add to, your existing resume.  We cannot write your resume from scratch, so it is important that you provide all the relevant information in your resume.

Have questions about this service? Go to our Help Center to search our knowledge base or to contact us.