The Preparation

Sample script

Hello, my name is Rachel Milligan and I just want a few minutes of your time to explain why hiring me as your marketing intern will ultimately benefit your organization.

Currently, I’m completing my junior year at Ohio University where I’m studying for my Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in marketing. I already have a great educational base in marketing having completed courses in the Management of Promotion, Consumer Behavior and Business Information Systems Design.

In the last two years I’ve been able to combine this educational base with hands-on experience attained through two prior summer internships. In both of these internships I gained experience on marketing to consumers through website analysis, design and optimization. I also gained experience in creating and distributing other marketing materials such as press releases and newsletters.

Along with my technical skills, my past experience has also taught me to be a great collaborative team-player, and my relationship-building and communication skills have been praised by my prior employers.

While my education and experience would add value to your organization, when you combine these with my passion, dedication and commitment to innovative marketing, I believe I provide the total package. I guarantee that you won’t regret making the decision to hire me.

You can contact me through with the Search for Interns tool and then we can discuss my qualifications in greater detail. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen.

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