The Preparation

What is a video introduction?

A video introduction is a short video created by a candidate that describes the individual's education, experience, skills and qualifications. A video of this type can be used when applying for an internship, and is typically a supplement to a traditional resume.

It's important to keep in mind that a video resume isn't going to get you an internship – only you can do that. It can assist you in marketing yourself for prospective internships—if it's done right. If it’s done poorly, it can hurt your chances of securing an internship. So, only post a video resume if it’s high quality.

Your video resume, even if it’s well done, won’t help you unless you also submit a high-quality written resume. In most cases, you must attract attention by communicating your value through traditional means, which includes a strong written resume. Before you start working on your video, take the time to review this video introduction sample. Take a look at other videos, considering both what works for you and the internship you want, and what doesn't.

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