Finding a fall internship

By Colleen Sabatino, The Intern Coach

You have lots of resources on to help you get started. If you don’t know exactly what kind of internship you want, the Internship Predictor can help you out. Here are our top five tips to remember when you begin your search:

  1. Visit your Career Center for advice. You may find that new internships have come in since school started. Companies usually offer internship opportunities year-round to a school. The virtual or remote internship often works well for a Fall internship because you can work online at your own convenience and not miss any classes or activities.
  2. How many hours can you work, and where? You may be limited by class hours and location. If you have transportation issues, you could consider taking an internship on campus.
  3. Review your resume and cover letter.  Update your resume with any summer accomplishments, including jobs, volunteer work, sport achievements, travel, or new skills, such as foreign languages. Write a basic cover letter that you can customize for every application.
  4. Network! Talk to other students, friends, and family members about your interest in a Fall internship. They may know of an opening in their companies. A potential intern may have had to step down from the internship, leaving it vacant. Then, send out your resume and customized cover letter, using your contact person as a reference.
  5. Create your own internship. If nothing comes up that you want, design your own Fall internship in a company that appeals to you. Write up a proposed internship description and send it to the human resources department and follow up with a phone call to set up an appointment. Present your ideas and your available hours and you may soon find yourself in the perfect Fall internship.

Good luck!  Have other tips you could recommend?  Please list them in the comments!