How to search for internships

If you haven’t used our site to search for jobs in a while, you might notice some changes to our search process that make it even easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Getting started

Let’s say you’re looking for an internship in finance. From our main page, select ‘Search internships’ from the green bar at the top. That will take you to our search page.

Type “finance” into the top ‘Keyword/Major’ search field and hit Enter. Whoa! At the time this was written, the search pulled up 641 hits. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to narrow things down.

Ordering your results

We'll begin by rearranging. Use the pull-down box that says ‘Sort by:’ at the top of the search results to change the order in which they appear. By default, listings are sorted by how relevant they seem to the phrase you typed in. But by selecting other options, you can have only the newest postings wind on top — or the ones closest to expiring.

You should notice an orange icon to the right of each listing. That icon tells you whether the internship is full-time or part-time. Full-time opportunities are represented by a clock. Part-time internships have a circle that’s half filled.

There are two other icons you might see in your search: a green dollar sign and a blue ‘C.’ The dollar sign appears next to internships that are paid; the ‘C’ indicates that an internship gives college credit.

Narrowing things down

To actually reduce the number of listings displayed in year search, you can use any of the dialog boxes on the left to add more filtering criteria. Adding a desired location (and radius from that location) will narrow things down quite a bit. So will entering in the name of a specific company you want to work for or choosing whether compensation is offered for the internship.

You’ll also notice a checkbox below all the criteria fields that says ‘Virtual.’ Check this option if you’re interested in internships that allow you to work from home — provided home has a computer and an internet connection.

Need more help?

Still not sure what field to search in? Take the Internship Predictor to see which career roles might be best suited to your personality and habits.