Why summer?

Summer internships in New York, NY provide extremely valuable experience in your chosen field, and they are also plentiful. If you’re too busy to commit as an intern during the school year, the summer could be a great option for you. While other students are focusing on play during summer break, you can get a foot in the door at one of your favorite companies by interning and learning everything you can. So consider a summer internship in New York and get ahead of the curve!

Typically, employers start looking as early as January and begin to fill up internship positions by March for that summer.

Companies offer some of their best internships during the summer and some companies only offer summer internships. Why? For starters, interns produce some of their best work when they’re 100% focused. During the school year, interns often juggle schoolwork and activities and can only work at their internship a few hours each week, whereas summer interns can fully immerse themselves in work.

Employers can also attract talent from all over the United States for internships over the summer months. Companies such as Bloomberg and J.P. Morgan Chase even offer housing and relocation assistance to attract the most talented students to their summer internships.

What can you expect as a summer intern in New York and beyond?

If you seek a high-powered internship to prepare yourself for the professional workforce, look no further than the Big Apple. New York City is the center of economics and culture in the U.S.

You’ll learn about a company and its culture, the industry, and various job roles. You’ll also develop new skills and make new connections that very well might provide professional references for you some day. You’ll go through training, get feedback on your performance, and get career advice. During your New York summer internship, be sure to take the opportunity to build your communication skills and get familiar with common office software packages including Microsoft Word and Excel.

Choosing a NYC internship begins with studying the cost of living and available job opportunities. NYC is the dream location for landing an internship, but you will have to account for the high rent prices. Even with a high internship income allowance, your rent price anywhere in the city will constitute a huge chunk of your monthly budget. Explore opportunities with private companies and nonprofits and discover why people love New York City.

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