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A Web Developer is a Software Engineer that develops applications specifically for the world wide web. The applications generally utilize a server and a client (web browser).

Some of the programming languages that Web Developers currently use include:

On the server side, java, C++, C# and VB.net are often utilized. Some scripting languages, such as perl, VBScript and PHP are also used.
On the client side, the popular technologies Web Developers use are javascript, DOM, HTML and CSS.
To collect information from web users, the popular relational database technologies utilized by Web Developers include MYSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Sever. XML is also often used for document data transfer.


There is a wide range of job responsibilities that a web developer must complete. Developing new web applications is one of the most important responsibilities on account of it being what their job is based around. They must create new looks and helpful applications that meet what their consumers and clients are looking for. While creating new applications the developer must also make sure that these apps run correctly by maintaining them on a daily basis. At the same time enhancing each application in new ways that no one else has.

Developing web interfaces is also one of the top priorities of a web developer. The job requires you to make web pages look and feel a specific way that your employer or customer wants it to. Teaching the other employees that may not be tech-savvy is also a must because they may not have the same understandings as the developer in some areas. Deadlines are crucial in the industry since everyone is pushing to be bigger and better than the next company. Answering emails and telephone calls are very important to a developer’s job because they receive them all day from their employers telling them what they want done. If you are not self motivated then this may not be the job for you since you are by yourself most of the day.

Software and Hardware knowledge is a must in case of emergency in which your computer may be acting up, or specific software you use to create applications may not be working. You do not have the time to call a professional to take care of the problem since web developers are always in demand, and have time specific deadlines. Being proficient with different types of web browsers can also go a long way in the web development industry. By having knowledge of different browsers means that you can help any customer or employee with their troubles they may have using a specific browser. Not everyone uses the same web browser so broadening your horizons with the knowledge of every web browser out will help you in your career significantly. Also knowing each web browser increases your knowledge in building web sites and applications for specific browsers that your client or employer may prefer.


Being a web developer means that you must have certain certifications to even be excepted by an employer to carry out a job. Such certifications are having a Bachelors Degree in computer science, or an MIS (management information systems) degree. As well as knowledge in ColdFusion 7+ which connects html pages to a database. ColdFusion is very important because the html pages must be connected to a database or else everyone around the world would not be able to view the developer’s web pages or applications. Web developers must have familiarity on SQL, and SQL server 2005 so that they know everything about the databases that they are adding applications and web pages to in case of emergencies. Flash video and animation experience is an advantage in case a client wants a very graphic and flashy web page.

Please Provide the following:

3 References
Job History for the past 2 to 3 years
Portfolio of work/passion

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