Financial Engineering Internship / Joining Disruptive Startup team

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Please send a resume and Reason you are interested in joining to , any other application supportive documents are also welcomed.

We have a start-up called Shoptaki in NY which is a global B2B marketplace platform to help entrepreneurs and SMB’s with access to market, capital and intelligence by utilizing big data into an omni-solutional system. This is a cloud Based Saas/Paas type solution which is kind of a mouthful. We are combining natural language processing, machine learning and data science to create a differentiated experience for business users worldwide.

This entire solution is geared to disrupt the way we do business, to make business simple, to encourage small businesses including in emerging countries to globalize and become more efficient.


Open Positions
Financial Engineer:
To work with financial team on creating and improving the financial system.
Requirements: Finance, Financial Engineering, Mathematic Finance or related majors; Experience in general financial models; Experience in general risk financial risks;Developing payment and financial system.

We are open to any of these experiences and more:
Full-stack in ANY of these areas Python, WebRTC, Django, CircleCI, ecommerce, Financial systems, Linux, Sinatra, etc.)

Working in diverse ecosystem of technologies such as Play, Spring Boot, Angular, Tomcat, Thrift, REST, Zookeeper, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Storm and Hadoop.

Deployment in google cloud, powered by Terraform, Docker, Chef, Puppet, Vagrant and Ansible

We will be Having meeting 3 times a week at the SIBL Library and remote work is optional
When you join this Startup this will basically be part of your company as well, and helping to build from the ground up (technical). WE are looking for highly creative people who can think beyond conventional wisdom,likes to create cool stuff, want to make an impact on this world.

Pay is Equity plus once we acquire investors, then a salary will be in place. This will be ideal for anyone wanting to make a difference, being part of something big, and be part of startup that is wanting to disrupt the way we do business and the world.


What We’re Looking for
We’re looking to build a Team in wide range of development from Software, UX/UI, MVC, cloud, SaaS, Data science, Financial , PaaS, ETC.... to create MVP to launch and pitch to investors.

We encourage to be highly creative and flexible when working on this project since at the end of the day we just like to build cool stuff and encourage to build beyond company’s vision that can benefit mankind and the economy.

People who is:
• -Master the latest technologies and spearhead new technology development
• -Excellent communication and collaboration skills
• -Highly motivated, curious, capable and a lifetime learner
• -A high degree of reliability, flexibility, and adaptability while working under pressure
• -Multi-tasking and organization skills to accommodate a fast paced, changing environment
• - Wanting to make a difference and impact on this world and help make this startup successful.

The ideal candidate:
 Will have an insatiable urge to write clean and elegant code.
 Will be a team-player with a desire to understand the entire product pipeline.
 Will be a self-starter, able to take a step back and seek assistance when needed.
 Will have a deep understanding of the web and how to orchestrate applications on it.

we are flexible on the level of experience as long as you are dedicated and serious about joining.


Preferred - Payment Systems

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