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    Top 10 Internship ready majors
  • 10. Graphic & Web Design

    If you’re creative, have an eye for style, and are interested in understanding everything from layouts to colors, then Graphic / Web Design may be for you. The field is booming with more and more skilled professionals needed to keep up with the demand of burgeoning internet startup companies and new digital media outfits.

    Andy Warhol
  • 9. Media & Entertainment

    Want to create the next Toy Story? World of Warcraft? American Idol? The entertainment industry is highly competitive, but also, of course very attractive to those aspiring to work in film, television, radio, and new forms of media. Los Angeles and New York serve as the “hot spots” geographically, though opportunities are available nationwide.

    Steven Spielberg
  • 8. Finance

    If leisure reading includes a copy of The Wall Street Journal, then a degree in Finance is a great fit. Finance majors learn how to understand the financial markets to maximize the return on investments. Popular internship prospects for finance majors include investment and commercial banking, corporate finance positions, or wealth management opportunities.

    Donald Trump finance University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School
  • 7. Journalism & English

    English and journalism majors have an uncanny ability to convey experiences through writing. These talents can lead a student to several exciting careers such as becoming an author, scholar, or New York Times reporter. However, these skills are also useful in law or politics where articulating an idea or argument is essential.

    Matt Damon English Harvard University
  • 6. Accounting

    Business is bottom-line focused, and studying accounting will help you classify, interpret, and manage money to evaluate the financial health of a business. To embark on an accounting career you'll most likely need to decide between tax and audit, and an internship is a great way to help you decide. Students need to pass a professional examination before becoming a Certified Public Accountant.

    Ray Romano Accounting Queens College
  • 5. Engineering

    Engineering encompasses a variety of specialties. Majors can be divided into mechanical, civil and electrical, to name a few. Engineering students are typically analytical thinkers that thrive in complex problem solving and are proficient in math and science. It is an attractive option for highly motivated students due to high demand for their skill set and the competitive base compensation.

    Neil Armstrong Aerospace Engineering University of Southern California
  • 4. Communications

    There's no way around the importance of understanding and practicing good communication skills. It's this thought process that drives many students to pursue a degree in communications. Skills are often based on intuition and behavior, and can be the foundation for success in a wide variety of internships.

    Howard Stern Communications Boston University
  • 3. Business Management

    Managing people and processes for the benefit of the organization, whether that organization is a start up, corporation or non-profit, is the basic foundation of every business. Internship competition is high due to the large volume of students that are interested in the many types of career opportunities available with a business or management degree.

    Sean P Diddy Combs Business Management Howard University
  • 2. Computer Science & IT

    A degree in IT or computer science is more than learning how to find the hottest new iPhone application. Declaring a major in IT or computer science helps students obtain a skill set that employers need. Do you visit a website and immediately think of what you would do to improve its functions and features? If so, you've picked the right major.

    Mark Zuckerberg Computer Science Harvard University
  • 1. Marketing

    Students that declare marketing as a major are outside the box thinkers that work to creatively solve problems, and present products and services in the most attractive way. In short, marketing majors work to promote goods and services to consumers. Other types of majors that compete for similar internships include public relations, advertising, and the increasingly popular social media professional.

    Eva Mendes Marketing California State University Northridge
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