Virtual internships allow students to work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Landing a virtual internship is a great way to break into an industry by getting relevant experience without having to commute or relocate. With the advancement in technology, students can make an immediate and measurable impact for companies without physically being in the office, meaning interns can work remotely from home or while travelling across the country. Virtual opportunities are a great way to strike a balance between a student’s personal and professional life.

A virtual internship gives both employers and employees great flexibility in planning an intern program. It provides students with the opportunity to save money on commuting and relocation, while still working with professionals in a field of their choice. Employers benefit from virtual internships because virtual interns produce valuable results for the company without requiring costly office space. Companies can still track interns through evaluations of measurable performance by the interns to insure everyone gets the most out of the experience.

A virtual internship lends itself to industries such as software development and journalism where work can be easily accessed and tracked via the web. However, internships involving writing, digital marketing, and fashion are other fields that are beginning to offer virtual internships. Another added benefit of a virtual internship is the ability to intern with companies at the center of their respective industries without having to relocate. For example, if you are a computer science major in Illinois, you could be developing a new app for a tech startup in Silicon Valley by using teleconferencing and other technologies. Or if you want to intern at a Public Relations firm in NYC, but can’t afford living in the city, you can remotely intern and still write releases and perform media outreach from home. This allows students to gain the experience and tools necessary for when you apply to full time positions.

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