Harbor Academic Seabird Animal Care or Data Research Intern

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International Bird Rescue
3601 S. Gaffey Street, Box 3
San Pedro, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 12 Part-time, Unpaid

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International Bird Rescue is a wildlife rehabilitation organization that specializes in aquatic bird rehabilitation and oiled wildlife response. Our response efforts extend to meet the needs of oiled wildlife locally, regionally, and internationally. We operate two busy wildlife rehabilitation facilities in California; the Los Angeles Wildlife Center in San Pedro, CA and the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Center in Fairfield, CA. Each of our facilities is equipped to support over 2,500 birds per center per year. The range of species admitted at both facilities varies widely over the course of the year.

International Bird Rescue recently received a grant from the Harbor Community Benefit Foundation* to support students from the San Pedro and Wilmington communities interested in interning at IBR. The purpose of our Academic Internship Program is to engage local young people interested in biology, wildlife or environmental conservation in this special internship opportunity. Interns will choose from an animal care program or a data analysis based research project.

Within the rehabilitation program, interns gain valuable skills and knowledge about aquatic birds not available at universities. Interns will receive one-on-one training, and may be asked to work on an individual or group project under the oversight of the Center Manager, Internship Coordinator and Veterinarian.

Our internship program is rewarding, comprehensive, fast-paced and diverse; it gives each intern the opportunity to learn about the many aspects of wildlife rehabilitation. Additionally, interns become ambassadors for IBR and the animals they care for. Through outreach in their local communities, speaking to schools and other youth, they will help increase environmental awareness about the species cared for at IBR.

*Harbor Community Benefit Foundation (HCBF) is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed in 2011. Its mission is to assess, protect, and improve the health, quality of life, aesthetics, and physical environment of the harbor communities of San Pedro and Wilmington, California, which have been impacted by the Port of Los Angeles. HCBF accomplishes this through grantmaking, independent research, and community events.


Program Options

Animal Care Internship: Learn all aspects of rehabilitation - from rescue to release. Interns gain hands-on animal care experience, while helping wildlife patients and learning from staff and highly trained volunteers. Assist with the care of baby ducklings, juvenile pelicans, stranded grebes and other aquatic birds. Must be at least 18 years of age.

Research Project Internship: Participate in a research project based on clinic cases. Project options include but are not limited to: research on cases of birds oiled from natural seepage off the coast of California, injuries from human related activities (fish hooks), release rates versus diagnosis on intake, etc. Must be at least 16 years of age.

Internship parameters

Complete the requirements of the learning program (will be specific for each internship)
Complete a poster, power point presentation, report, infographic or other media demonstrating results
Complete a minimum of 200 hours
Interns receive a $1000 stipend
Interns receive a certificate of completion at the end of the internship


1 - At the start of the internship, you must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the animal care program or 16 years of age to participate in the research project program.

2 - Community tie to the LA Harbor Area (current or previous resident or student of San Pedro or Wilmington).

3 - Educational or career interest in the fields of wildlife biology, conservation/rescue, non-profit work, oil spill response, ornithology, photography/film, education, etc.

How to apply

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Submit your application and upload the required documents through our online internship application: http://www.bird-rescue.org/get-involved/internships-jobs/academic-internship-program.aspx or email us at internships@bird-rescue.org

Required documents:

Your résumé or cv
Current/most recent transcripts (unofficial transcripts are sufficient)
Proof of community tie (ID, local transcript, utility bill, etc.)
Cover letter (optional)
Recommendation letters

Note: Three letters of recommendation are required if you will be over the age of 18 at the start of your internship. If you will be under the age of 18 when you plan to start your internship, only 1 recommendation letter is needed. Letter(s) must be signed on official letterhead and submitted by your reference(s) to internships@bird-rescue.org.

How To Apply

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