Sea Turtle Internship

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Who we are?
Tropical Adventures is a volunteer service organization based in Costa Rica. We design affordable and fully-customized, unique volunteer and voluntour experiences. We work with individuals, families and groups who want to make a positive impact in local communities while experiencing a world different than their own.
Tropical Adventures exclusively collaborates with the RMVS Romelia Sea Turtle & Conservation Program.

What we offer?
As an intern working for Tropical Adventures you will be working at the RMVS Romelia Sea Turtle & Conservation Program which is located 45 minutes walking from Montezuma. As a sea turtle intern you will be helping out our on-site staff with a variety of tasks to ensure we can continue our rewarding work with sea turtles. The program is located in one of the most beautiful areas in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has a tropical climate with a distinct dry and wet season. We would like to remind our applicants that during our off season (Febuary to June) there are no turtles. Nevertheless we keep very busy with other work such as supporting their mammal observation research and help put together the theoretical approach to the new tree project.


Your tasks at a glance (Wet season – July to January):

Conduct 3-4 hour night patrols
Identify, measure and tag adult turtles
Take biometric data of sea turtles
Relocate nests into hatcheries or safe places at the beach
Monitor hatcheries around the clock
Release hatchlings
Conduct post hatchlings nest excavations
Environmental education
Work in the vineyard
Monitoring wildlife
Maintaining infrastructure, landscaping, and trails
Cleaning the beach
Your tasks at a glance (Dry season – February to June):

Coordinate the work activities for the various refuge projects
Perform day, night, and/or early morning patrols for mammal observation
Identify and record evidence of mammals
Maintain monitory trails
Prepare, monitor, and clear mud traps
Position trap cameras
Prune the vines
Clean the vines
Assist in the wine-making process (harvesting grapes, smashing grapes, etc.)


We are looking for:
Our Sea Turtle Intern is an individual with an outstanding love for nature and good people skills.
Ideally, you meet the following qualities:
- Are 21 years or older
- Speak both English and (at least basic) Spanish
- Professional or student of biology or related field
- Able to work in a team
- In good physical condition
- Able to live in and handle tropical climate conditions
- Able to live in an isolated place, not in close proximity to the community
- Enthusiastic, positive, dynamic, self-motivated and team-oriented
- Able to stay at the project for at least 3 ½ months

How To Apply

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