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Brandtastic is a complete marketing company, from concept to production. Marketing has fundamentally changed over the past year and will change even more as we move towards 2012 and beyond. Agencies that take a high road of artistic expression, may win a few awards next year - but they won't be doing their clients any favors! Pushing out the same old media solutions won't work either. The new world of marketing is all about making yourself an attractor and positioning yourself so those who are your target will gravitate to you. Pushing a message out with a broad brush wastes a whole lot of paint, so we help our clients zero in on the fastest, most cost effective path to new lead generation and increase in the bottom line. The new reality is the "Attraction" marketing model - web, seo, blogging, social, etc. We have been in the game for a while so we know how to engage today's market with the right mix of traditional and new media. Our ultimate goal is to build brand awareness, while increasing lead generation and new business. We strive to identify and follow the quickest, leanest route to quantifiable results. Campaigns involve - branding, collateral, web, SEO, SEM, PPC, social media, photography, content creation (writing and art) and creative marketing planning.


A large "web and marketing imprint" is needed today in order to attract attention. Automated methods fall short and are not authentic. We need an intern to get involved with each clients story and learn how to promote our messages via Social Media. We will educate each intern on the client specific plan.


Writing content for a diverse selection of clients for use on Blogs and Websites. Work on Blogs, Citation Sites, Press Release Sites and Core Websites will be needed. Writing skills, organization and ability to research and write articles in your own words a must.

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