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What is Sidelines?

Sidelines ( is a platform for high-quality discussions covering many subjects, powered by a strong community of contributors that comprises of aspiring writers and analysts like you. Sidelines features a reputation system that tracks expertise around many subjects and is becoming the de-facto measure of expertise and influence in the world of online forums - Sports, Entertainment, Gaming, Lifestyle, and Parenting/Education.

In addition, Sidelines powers the discussions sections of several popular websites and blogs that showcase the analysis generated by Sidelines’ Contributors.

Why should I become a Sidelines Contributor?

Do you absolutely love to talk about subject you love and have been looking for a way to break into the field of online writing and analysis? If so, then Sidelines is designed for you! Engaging with intelligent contributors will help you improve your writing, analysis and social media skills and get you ready for primetime in your first sports writing job.

Once accepted as a Sidelines Contributor you will work closely with an assigned mentor through the duration of the program and receive regular, one-on-one guidance as you go through a structured curriculum. As a Contributor, you will publish short-form posts, participate in discussions with your readers and become a participant in the community of writers.

Here are just a few of the advantages of becoming a Sidelines Contributor:

? Perks! Contributors have so far won thousands of dollars of gift cards in Sidelines Rep-building contests, and have the opportunity to receive gifts like tickets to see their favorite teams play.

? More perks! Contributors who reach Rep Level 4 can apply to enter the Sidelines Academy, a writing program which teaches the secrets of writing great sports articles that will attract readers. Graduates of our Training Program have gone on to write for Bleacher Report or have been recruited by our partner sites. Other opportunities for Contributors include becoming part of the Sidelines Management team and receive compensation for their work.

? Dedicated Contributors who consistently write quality posts and reach Level 4 will be eligible to receive Letter of Recommendation from the top management at Sidelines, as well as receive LinkedIn connections and recommendations.

? Sidelines Magazine ( offers the perfect forum for Contributors to post long-form articles and utilize their writing and analysis skills. Sidelines Magazine article are a great way to build your portfolio and show off your work to potential employers in sports media.

? Your Sidelines reputation score–known as Rep–will be an indicator of your real-world expertise on your favorite sports and teams. The higher your Rep, the more exposure you’ll receive, and, in turn, the higher your chance of getting recruited by one of the many Sidelines partners.


What is the application process?

• Email your resume and any relevant writing samples (attach docs or provide links) to
• Sign up for Sidelines ( and fill out the short, required online application.
• Applications will take anywhere from 3-5 days to evaluate.
• If accepted, you will schedule with us an online on-boarding chat (details will arrive with acceptance email).


* Through the Sidelines plugin that powers the discussion sections of several sports sites and blogs (including sites from Sports Illustrated’s FanSided network) , your writing and Rep will be seen not just by users on Sidelines, but by millions sports fans across the Web. Whether writing for the sports community or another one of our great communities, Sidelines Contributors gain massive exposure which draws the attention of potential employers from all around the world.

* Sidelines offers internships, too! Simply check with your school to see if credits are available for internships. We would be more than happy to assist you with any necessary forms employers are required to fill out to fulfill your internship.

Why Join the Sidelines Academy Writing Program?

The Sidelines Academy’s mission is to create better writers and analysts through a curriculum designed to teach those important skills needed to produce professional-quality content–in other words, not to leave writers on an island to fend for themselves.

There are several advantages to being accepted into Sidelines Academy:

• Bleacher Report partners with Sidelines to recruit top graduates of our Sidelines Academy for their Advanced Program in Sports Media. Students in the B/R Sports Media program often go on to write for Bleacher Report and other major sports sites. Thousands apply each year for a highly coveted spot in this respected program, but fewer than 100 applicants are accepted. Graduating at the top of the Sidelines Academy writing program class is a direct shortcut to writing for Bleacher Report. The Academy, however, is not simply for sports writers. Anyone who qualifies can join and learn to tune up their writing.

• There are also several other well-known content publishers who recruit writers from Sidelines, and several of our graduates have gone on to a paid writing position with one of our partner sites.

This is a chance for you to make a name for yourself! Being a Sidelines Contributor is an opportunity to get your foot in the door in the world of sports writing/media and to build your reputation as a sports expert. Whether you want to be a sports journalist, writer, analyst, making well-thought out arguments about your thesis and engaging in discussion and debate is very important in order to improve your skills.

What qualifications do I need to be considered for becoming a Contributor?

• Strong writing, critical thinking and analysis skills. Candidates should be able to construct strong arguments and back them up with data, not just opinion.

• Deep understanding of the subjects your are passionate about. However, you are welcome to jump into any conversations that interest you.

• Strong communication skills and ability to absorb and improve through targeted feedback.

• Completed (or currently pursuing) a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communications, Marketing or a related major recommended, but not required.

How To Apply

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