Brooklyn Blog Seeking Stupendous Copy/Content Interns!

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DUMBO Life and Style
Posted: 574 days ago
Company Location: Brooklyn, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Unpaid

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A soon-to-be launched website focusing on events, nightlife, and businesses in and around Brooklyn, is seeking interns to write short articles for publication online. Subject matter will include features on restaurants and bars, interviews with local business owners, reviews of cultural events, updates on local real estate, and other coverage of neighborhood news.

We are most interested in individuals who possess a jack-of-all-trades skill set in producing editorial content, namely: humor, research and fact-checking, promptness, positivity, and grammatical acuity. All of those qualities will be valuable in this gig. Photographic skills are a plus. Experience with blogging, generating regular web content, and knowledge of or fascination with Brooklyn Real Estate are big pluses.

Compensation will include fees for travel to/from assignments, food/drink for assignments, and admission to events for assignments. Basically, we’ll send you to fun events on our dime and in return you’ll be expected to write about them. Not a bad deal. We can also provide whatever documentation you need to ensure your educational institution awards you all the credit you deserve—maybe more credit than you deserve (if we really like you). Also, you’ll get some bylines. Also, potential for paid freelance work in the future. And, we’re kind of fun most of the time.

- Provide weekly or bi-weekly content, anywhere from 50-500 words per assignment. Editors will provide you a with a list of topics to investigate, places to go, people to interview, and things to do. Work on your own time, but meet deadlines.

How to apply:
- with the subject heading, “Don’t be stupid, just hire me because…”
- In the body of the email, include a cover letter that explains why we’d be stupid not to hire you. We tend to value those writers who say more and write less, so channel your Hemingway and not your Faulkner.
- Include a writing sample in the body of the text, below the cover letter. If you wish, write a brief (1-3 sentence) introduction to the sample explaining why you chose it.


Preferred Qualifications:
- Experience writing for a newsletter, newspaper, website, or school paper
- Facility with grammar and style, demonstrable ability to make English work efficiently on your behalf
- Natural capacity for acerbic synthesis of pop culture
- Ability to follow directions (e.g. arrive at X time, submit X number of drafts, etc.)
- applicants 21+ are preferred as many events will require it. Outstanding candidates younger than 21 may be considered.

How To Apply

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