College Bloggers Needed To Write "Viral Lists" - Buzzfeed Style Articles

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University Primetime
Posted: 514 days ago
Company Location: Wayne, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 10 Part-time, Paid

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Looking for creative and energetic students for our ELITE brand ambassador program. Previous experience in marketing, leadership, and social media is a plus, but enthusiasm is the one true requirement. You MUST be able to communicate and read our Facebook Group daily where we communicate with our Campus Ambassadors.
This is a selective process, but if we think you are a good fit, we will be in touch shortly to set up an interview. University Primetime is the fastest growing college company in the world. In less than a year of being around, University Primetime has had million of visits, over 40,000 Facebook Likes, and close to 100,000 Twitter Followers.

What exact is University Primetime? It's your # 1 Resource for national college content and exclusive content to your given university. Picture the school newspaper on steroids, with no filter whatsoever. Whether it's party stories, hookup stories, greek stories, or a crazy video of something that happened on campus, University Primetime is the first to cover it.

What are we looking for in a Campus Ambassador?

We are looking for:

- 2 Student Writers willing to write "witty" / "relatable content"/ "juicy content" for your college that only readers from your University would understand. You will get a monthly stipend for your blogs you write. Requirement is 15 blog posts a month
- 2 Sales/Marketing Students in charge of marketing efforts on your campus and in charge of getting advertisements for your school section on our website. You will get a commission for everything that you do, leading to you making some easy $$$$ just for doing simple, easy tasks asked of you to spread awareness about University Primetime on your campus

Why spend the time working with us?
- Facebook started with 4 people in a dorm room. Google, Twitter, Snap Chat, any other major corporation started from the very bottom.We have grown at a very fast pace, and working with us can lead to something greater as we grow as a company.
- Learn how to launch a social app, build a beautiful product, get users, and more
- Great resume builder if you're interested in journalism/ tech / social media
- Get referral for other part-time or full-time jobs
- Potentially receive paid position for extraordinary performance at the end


Must be able to write good content


Must be able to write good content

How To Apply

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