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Company Location: Michigan, NE
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 30 Part-time, Unpaid

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About Owners:
We are 5 guys from India from same domain(computer science) & MFS is a very far planned project. Sole purpose is to make contents available for users on one-stop with our good SEO skills. This contain usually all interesting genres and categories and we all have good expertise in designated fields. We do not focus on targeting Indian audience as such. Currently 60+ writer from 5 countries are working right now, and the website is going to publish on 8th January. You can get in touch with me @

What If
This will be the most important featured category in our website.
Examples: What if Hitler is still alive, what if there were no atoms, what if dinosaurs are actually aliens....topics like these will be humorous, interesting and imaginative and will provide epic statistics and conclusion - really amazing.

> Motivational
Motivating articles when people feel themselves under stress, de-motivated or alone.
> Psychology
Syndromes and thought processes are som e catchy eye candy here.
> Success Stories
Target audience along from India is the world itself - as you can see there is no such category in out website showing concentrating about India.

> Next What Vehicle
Automibles yet to come and previously on road.
> Android & iOS
Tweaks, tricks, essential apps, alteratives, new release games, categories, etc
> PC Games 'n' Consoles
Latest XBox, PS and PC games reviews and previous walkthrouhs; reviews and news about consoles

> Business news
Not startup reviews, but major ideas that people up with; news and statistics of major biz org.
> Marketing
writeups on how marketing influences people - content as well as door-to-door
> tete-a-tete

> Movies
Trends and gossips. Review for important pics and news for important upcoming movies.
> Music
All Genres

> Football
Statistics and achievements but not match previews or upcoming matches.
> Cricket
Same concept as Football.
> Others
Chess, Lawn Tennis, Badminton etc. - not specific

> World


1. You have liberty to choose your own topics under your assigned categories, but before moving on and writing about it, do get a green light from us. We may assign topics to you when needed.
2. Adding images is highly recommended. You have to give give full credits to the image's license i.e. hyperlink the image and add caption (coutesy of Please avoid copying sceneries, emotion, cats and dogs etc. Please read next point for the solution.
3 Most of the time, you HAVE TO get the images from your friends' photography and tag them. Get in touch with them as soon as you read this mail. This helps increasing beauty of the article as well as help MFS to stay in touch with Google for creative and original content. And obviously, avoid plagiarism.


> You should be preferably good in Grammer - so people above 19 years preferred.
> WordPress skills not needed, but if you have it - you already have little.
> Slight creative writing preferred. Formal as well as informal - both are good as long as it meets the topic and theme
> reply us ASAP with whatsapp or mail( or viber (+919755583849) and clear your queries regarding anything.
> If you have already worked freelance anywhere, gear up for working with us :)

How To Apply

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