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We're offering internships (unpaid) at Suffusion Social, but these internships aren't for people looking to fetch coffee. Internships at Suffusion Social are meant for driven, innovative people who are prepared for a lot of responsibility and the respect that comes from skillfully managing that responsibility. We want to hire interns that we'd feel comfortable having as full-time salaried employees.

Suffusion Social utilizes social media and more to grow our clients' online presence. We make use of the latest cutting-edge strategies to leverage all the Internet can offer, providing efficient marketing solutions to companies who have yet to comprehend the real extent of the world wide web's transformative power.

Since more and more of that power is increasingly derived from the correct usage of social media, this opening is reserved for candidates who specifically possess an intimate familiarity with all forms of social media. We want skilled writers who can produce persuasive blog posts and captivating website text; media-savvy individuals who easily tailor their writing to a variety of mediums. If you can do that and easily navigate the increasingly complicated world of social media, then we'll do our best to teach you about the wide array of online marketing services we offer our clients.



• Research and write daily, relevant and on-brand content stories and features for the .
• Be responsible for updating the blog daily, and be the last pair of eyes on content before it goes live.
• Maintain the voice of the brand in all written material.
• Collaborate with marketing, PR and creative teams to develop, maintain and implement editorial calendars.
• Collaborate on content ideas, best practices, and optimization.
• Monitor competitors on a regular basis to ensure that all content remains unique.
• Represent the brand off- and online in the wild world of fashion editorial.
• Develop relationships with writers, bloggers and brand-relevant content creators.
• Take on additional company projects as needed.


Strong communication skills
Thorough attention to detail
Internet- and technology-savvy
Knowledge of social media and awareness of trends in social media
Adept at reading and gathering news
Ability to navigate social media
Self-starter with ability to work in team environment and take initiative while accepting guidance

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