Content Writer: Possibly the Greatest Story-Telling Wizard in the World

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Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: August 10, 2014
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid
Timeframe: 08/13/14 — 11/13/14 (Flexible)

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Parle IV ( is a fashionable, utility-enabled Dress Shirt Brand – like you’ve never seen before! Parle IV shirts are inspired by wardrobe-malfunctions, and damn-it, Parle IV makes the greatest dress shirts known to man. We are here to take men everywhere out of the age-old “flawed” Dress Shirt. We’re not your average Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s traditional dress shirt. There’s a global Dress Shirt Revolution upon us. Are you ready to win the War Against Dress Shirts by being a part of the team that is pioneering a new concept in dress shirts? BAMM!

At Parle IV, everyday is a heroic adventure. It’s a place to work perform in a way that people only dream about. We are passionate about the pursuit of perfection in all decisions, big and small. We also possess a fearless and passionate pursuit of fun. The phrase “can’t be done” doesn’t exist in our vocabulary. We're on the forefront of innovative-innovation, and we plan to keep it this way. We are energetic, devoted, abnormally talented (a little quirky) and creative people who are constantly “pushing big envelopes”.

We’re just looking for the best written and visual communicator in the world who gets our brand and can humorously and hilariously articulate the Parle IV brand message by repeatedly hammering out amazing pieces of engaging content (on our website and across our social media pages; Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

In this role, you will dominate our communication strategy. You work directly with our Founders and graphics-design team to develop the greatest story-telling content on the planet. This is a critical role and you will be integral in building our brand online by developing consistent, enthralling messaging content.

We need someone to join the team that makes these and other pieces of content we have in the works.

Parle IV designs, markets and sells American-made, fashionable-functional Dress Shirts. Our dress shirts are made in NYC and combine local artisan manufacturing with high-quality 100% cotton fabrics. We currently sell through our e-commerce store ( and just might do something really big with Nordstroms. Using web technology we make shopping online easy and finding the right fit simple.

• Work hard because we love what we’re doing, but also highly value personal downtime that does not include shirts (selling them, designing them, marketing them…wearing them?)
• Will back up our talk with challenging projects, random acts of team-wide fun and awesome coworkers
• Care deeply about high quality design and creating a high-performing business and see the two as completely intertwined
• Are excited to hear from you!

If you’re interested in applying, email the following to
• LinkedIn Profile or Resume
• How did you hear about this job?
• What makes you unique?


• Produce engaging written and visual content across and social media pages
• Grow/engage an online community of brand ambassadors across Facebook, Instagram & maybe Twitter
• Roll out daily social media marketing posts
• Roll out creative weekly (1x per week) blog posts of appropriate on-brand messaging through editorial and visual content.
• Create and manage a daily and weekly social media marketing post calendar
• Gather supplemental social media material by reading relative online and traditional publications (GQ, Details, Esquire, FastCompany, Wired, The Atlantic, The Economist, The New Yorker, etc.)
• Know our products and website inside and out
• Love men’s fashion, embrace technology, obsess over entrepreneurship


• The best written and visual communication skills in the world
• A passion and love for engaging consumers and making them LOL
• Natural curiosity for reading and staying abreast of current fashion events, popular fashion blogs/pages
• Live and breathe online; bordering on neurotic checker of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
• Love for minimalist design and simplicity
• You have ideas for how to track the success of content posted on social media
• You’re pumped to run experiments that yield results and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t

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