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Antares Enterprises, Inc. a search engine optimization and Internet marketing company is looking an intern interested in learning all aspects of content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and how to increase website traffic for professional clients, especially those in the legal field.

The intern who fills this position should expect to learn the field from a content marketing perspective, learning the basics of search engine optimization, blogging and business article writing. It's essential that applicants to this position have excellent written communication skills, ability to research subjects thoroughly and write well-written articles and press releases for law and general business clients for dissemination and publication on the Internet.

The internship candidate should demonstrate creativity, strong ability to work on their own and understand the importance of follow up communication.


• Research topic areas current and relevant topics in the areas of law, real estate and other businesses

• Write 500-1000 word well-written articles on the researched subject

• Submit those articles for review to Antares management for review

• Post those articles on the client's blog (this can be easily taught) or for submission to partner websites and article directories related to the client's business

• Initiate relationships and contact with other websites in the related business of the client for "guest blogging" opportunities. For example, contacting legal or law related host websites who accept guest writing (known as "guest blogging") and convincing the host site to accept and publish an article written by the intern, either once or on an ongoing basis, posted as a blog post on the host website

• Write blog posts for client websites on recent trends in the field related to their business


Applicants applying for this internship must have exceptionally strong written communication skills, have the ability to thoroughly research a business subject and write articles pertaining to that research.

Ideal internship candidates can be going to school as well, if so they be majoring in Business, English, Communications, Marketing or Computer Science. Applicants who are training for paralegal work or pre-law will also be accepted due to the current nature of the written content required. Ideally, applicants should possess an acceptable understanding of the Internet and how websites are ranked in the search engines, although not required.

Only interns proficient with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office applications should apply. Applicant familiar with the WordPress blogging platform is a bonus, but not required.

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