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Why us?
Did you ever dream of studying abroad? Did you ever want to learn another language? Would you like to complete a graduate degree abroad? we want to help many people do exactly that...and why not experience an early stage startup? mission is to help students achieve their education dreams. Founded by former Google, Samsung and U.N. employees, we are developing online courses, guides and tools to help students worldwide get into the education programs they want.

The Start-up
Singular EDU is based in Berlin, but has a team of 20 people spread across the world from Los Angeles to Shanghai. We started developing the proof of concept for our products, received seed financing from our network and looking to build a strong customer base. We are also focusing to start offering our products in the US, Latin America and China.


Do you have a passion for writing, researching and inspiring people? Perhaps producing videos, creating a story? We are creating easy step-by-step guides for students to accomplish their education goals. Thus your input in our content development can be instrumental to many.

Few of the areas you can help us:

-Content Development: Help us develop courses for students that want to study in the US. Your story and experience make a difference to them, you already know what it takes to go to college. The project includes research, content writing, and even helping us make the videos.

-Part of the team: We are hoping this internship gives you good experience to what it is to work in an early stage startup and be exposed to all operations and strategic guidance.

The Internship
We are offering a 3-month internship to help us develop a new market, develop our business and the content for our products while learning and living an early stage startup. You will be responsible of key initiatives to the startup's growth.


Self-motivated and with a lot of initiative
Passion and interest for entrepreneurship a plus.
In your cover letter, can you specify why you would like to join our project.

How To Apply

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