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Disney By The Numb3rs is a website for the vacationer, planning a weeklong trip to a popular destination is a challenging experience of determining where to go, what to see, and where to stay. Friends and the glossy travel brochures only touch on the questions, leaving the family vacation planner starved for more information. Disney By The Numb3rs provides extensive travel-planning information, from our reviews to our theme park guides.

For the avid Disney aficionado, Disney By The Numb3rs is a reliable news outlet on the front lines, providing daily coverage of the most current news and analyses about the Walt Disney Company, from its parks, to its films and to its corporate activities.

We are looking for a reliable person that can write and blog about Walt Disney World Resort. We are looking for writers that visit WDW and can write about different attractions and experiences. We are looking for some that wants to be a travel writer and want to write about Disney planning and travel.

We are looking to make creative new and exciting blogs as well as report on breaking stories at the WDW.

*** We are in NO WAY associated with the Walt Disney Compnay or any of its partners or affiliates ***


- Edit newsletter and prepare for publishing
- access to the internet
- be able to edit and proof read and meet deadlines
- Be able to meet deadlines
- Be able to mange their own time


- MUST have knowledge of the application Mail Chimp and be able to create a newsletter in this application
- Must be able to read and write in English
- must be able to edit and proof read
- Must have your own software for writing and editing your stories
- Provide examples of your writing skills
- get newsletter out in a timely fashion
- Able to edit book and meet deadlines

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