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They DJ connects the world’s freelancer disc jockeys and event planners to make them more productive and successful. The site enables users to build a They DJ profile page that can be shared on any social media site. This can be used to gain an introduction to someone a person wishes to know through a mutual contact. It can then be used to find jobs, people, and business opportunities recommended by someone in one's contact network. Event planners can list local jobs and search for potential candidates. Users can post their own photos and view photos of others to aid in identification, and can showcase their talent by uploading relevant content (such as music). Disc jockeys can bookmark jobs that they would like to apply for, purchase electronic equipment at wholesale prices, and participate disc jockey promotional contests.

Both part and full time internships are available.


- This position will involve writing and editing concise, captivating copy for many areas of They DJ Inc. You will research, communicate with management, and participation in various marketing and sales related tasks/ projects. 
- The Copy Intern is responsible for ensuring all text in materials produced by the firm are well written, grammatically correct and accessible. 
- S/he reviews text for a wide range of material, including social media, reports, proposals, slide presentations, brochures, print collateral, newsletters, advertising copy, email promotions and website content. 
- The Copy Intern is required to correct spelling, typographical and grammatical errors, confirm style consistency, check facts, verify hyperlinks in interactive documents, and undertake rewriting (copy editing) when requested to do so. 
- In final proof stages, the Copy Intern will proofread management edits and verify all previous corrections were made and are correct. 
- Proofreads all text and corrects spelling, usage and grammatical errors. 
- Resolves original copy queries directly with the copywriter, and emends text files. 
- Edits and/or rewrites copy as requested by management 
- Creates new content as requested by management 
- Proofreads all digital layout files prior to posting 
- Checks facts and research with staff and using all other available resources 
- Ensures that all materials meet management specifications


- Undergraduate candidate pursuing a BA/BS degree (Business, Marketing, Journalism, Computer Science, New Media)
- Requires high school diploma and current class standing of sophomore or above
- Must be 18 years of age or older
- Work independently and as part of a collaborative team
- Work with people in a wide variety of settings and situations
- Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
- Excellent written and verbal communications skills
- Must have strong computer proficiency

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