Creative Writer Internship (Telecommuting)

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Centel Media is the top reputation management company. It deals with individuals, small companies, and large companies. Centel Media is made up of strong employees that are specialized in a number of fields to crush negative comments and negative ads that appear online. We believe that individuals have the right to control the way their name or brand appears on the worldwide web. Centel Media is dedicated and loyal to its customers and we believe our prospective employees should feel the same way.

Centel Media recognizes what a critical role the right employee plays in the company. We are determined to find the right people to help Centel Media reach its goals and assist our clients properly. We are an equal opportunity company that provides a position for everyone including executives, veterans, students, and all other qualified individuals. At Centel Media, we provide our clients the right environment and information to help improve their particular businesses. In order to accomplish our goals and our client’s goals, Centel Media needs the right people.

Centel Media is looking for creative writers. This is a telecommuting internship position, so individuals can work from home. At Centel Media, we like to help our writers gain recognition on the Internet. All articles and blogs published will be attributed to the writer and will give the writer plenty of works for his or her portfolio. The creative writing internship is built from a series of steps. Throughout the 90-day internship, the writer will write from different levels. He or she will start out as an online reputation management blogger. Blogs are posted on a multitude of social media sites and on Centel Media’s press site. After the first 30 days, the intern will work with Centel Media’s clients to generate page content. This means the intern will learn about the interviewing process and how to go after the information necessary to write a good article. In the final 30 days of the internship, the writer will transition into the assistant press secretary role. Press topics will go to the secretary for writing, and he or she will be expected to engage in journalistic interviews and put out press releases under deadline. Press releases are published under several news outlet sites and will give the intern more works and experience in journalism and public relations. Centel Media sets out to improve every intern in the field he or she is pursuing. In the creative writing internship, not only will the intern achieve this, but he or she will also come out with a solid portfolio.

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-Internships start at blogging, move on to writing page content (such as Wikipedia submissions and client works), and finally to writing press releases as an assistant press secretary.
-Selecting subject matter based on public interest.
-Conducts research for information about each client's online reputation.
-Writes articles for each of our customers to increase and improve their online content.
-Writes blog posts and comments on popular websites for our clients.
-Collaborates with other writers on various projects.
-Creates catchy and informative headlines.


-Currently pursuing (or possesses) a bachelor degree in creative writing, journalism, English or a similar writing field.
-Excellent writing skills.
-Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
-Strong research and communication skills.
-Prepared to write, rewrite and revise work following to feedback.
-DSL or high speed internet.
-A optimally tuned PC, MAC or laptop (Sorry IPads, Tablets and other such devices are not compatible with our organization at this time).
-A telephone number not associated with any existing Google Voice account.
-Profound knowledge of: Google products, GMail, Docs/Drive, Calendar, Voice, Contacts, Google+ (for video conferencing), Chat/Talk, Youtube, Chrome (Web Browser), Microsoft Word, Paint, WordPad/NotePad.

Additional Requirements:
Must be able to pass drug test and criminal background examination.
Green Card Holder or U.S Citizens only.

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