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SOi TV ( is an OTA Hispanic TV Network with a new social TV concept built around "Opitainment", Opinion + Entertainment, currently available in 15 US markets.

Function: Create original and creative content for the screen and social media networks

Ending Results: Develop a capacity of work in a daily base in real projects for a multiplatform environment.


Create original and creative content for the screen and social media networks.

- Constant screen and programming intervention through social media tools
- Creative twist to traditional topics in order to make them irreverent and bold
- Active participation on social network accounts
- Blog creative content on web page reflecting interesting topics for the Hispanic market


-Students in their Sophomore, Junior or Senior year of College with preference for Social Media
Proven ability to work independently and lead initiatives
-Excellent communication skills –verbal and written
-Ability to think, plan, and execute on multiple projects simultaneously in an organized fashion
-Ability and desire to work calmly and maintain good judgment in fast-paced, high-stress environment
-Fluent in English and Spanish
-Demonstrate strong problem solving ability and attention to detail
-Knowledge of Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging
-High Creativity
-Must possess the following attributes for success: driven, competitive, winning attitude, extraordinary enthusiasm, adaptable, persistent, detail oriented

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