Editorial Internship at Big Pop Culture Site with Opportunity for Growth

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6420 Wilshire Blvd STE 500
Los Angeles, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Ranker (http://www.ranker.com) is a startup consumer website based around lists of everything from business, to politics, to pop culture. With over 70 million pageviews per month, we have a lot of content going out and need someone to help handle a wide variety of responsibilities as a core part of our editorial, content and community management team.

You should also know how to be an entertaining writer for the web, but will definitely learn a lot.

You will learn how to get in on the ground floor of a truly popular website that produces viral content on a weekly/daily basis seen by hundreds of thousands of people per day. This internship is almost literally a social media/web marketing/web writing boot camp.

And while this particular position is a part-time gig to start, there is potential for this position to grow into something more permanent. It’s happened plenty of times before.

Candidates should be able to function well in a fast-paced, high stress environment. You should be able to deal with deadlines, be detail oriented, organized, intelligent, tech-savvy, hardworking, and very capable of multitasking. Excellent writing skills are a requirement, as are strong computer skills and familiarity with PCs, Vista, Outlook and the Internet. Basic HTML Knowledge is a plus. You must be a self-starter who is capable of effectively researching a wide range of topics, and exercising good judgment and editorial skills based on that research.

Candidates will be compensated for their work with college credit and an amazing learning experience.


Duties will include coordinating content promotion, writing timely content, honing existing content, assisting with the management of our various social media properties and various other editorial/admin duties, as this is an internship.


-Must be on top of the latest developments and trends in the web world, and must be deeply interested and involved in the Internet industry and pop culture as a whole. You must be a pop culture (and preferably an Internet) nerd. An absolute nerd. You will be grilled on this.
- Must be in LA area (our offices are in Mid-Wilshire) - this is not a "flexible/work from home" position.
- Sense of humor.
- Must have experience writing, and ideally, editing. Writing samples are a must. While it is better if you have experience editing college paper or heavily-updated website, this is not an absolute must- if you have done a lot of writing on your own and it's good, that would be fine.
- Ability to learn about topics you know nothing about at the drop of a hat.
- Ability to work with advanced, difficult programs, apps and websites you have never been to.
- Sense of humor.
- Ability to defeat an army of the undead using only your dry humor and the chainsaw attached to your wrist.
- Ability to work 10-20 hours per week.
- Drive to be a known presence online or to at least write comedy, journalism or articles for a major publication on any medium.
- Sense of humor.
- Ability to put up with and thrive in a fast-paced start-up environment.
- A desperate drive to learn new things and a humble attitude.
- And finally, a sense of humor.

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