Journalism Internship

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Faith Mogul Publishing LLC
Posted: 674 days ago
Company Location: Brooklyn, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Urban Christian Culture (UCC) Magazine is an entertainment and urban lifestyle focused magazine, currently seeking to offer Journalism internship opportunities.

Who Are We?
The magazine, which is a quarterly publication, is a platform for the advancement of independent, urban, Christian artists worldwide who are looking for a promotional outlet. We also have an online presence that is working towards helping to promote emerging artists and events. The magazine serves as a lifestyle guide for young Christians who are passionate about urban arts, lifestyle, culture and entertainment. The topics we cover are wide and varying, and include relationships, fashion, fitness, healthy eating, spiritual devotions, entertainment, events, community topics, and general interest articles, just to name a few. Our readership, which has a main audience range between ages 18-34, (35-49 secondary) represents the next generation of urban, young professionals and scholars.

UCC has a considerable and ever expanding reach in the NY metropolitan area which we have been working diligently on expanding both nationally and globally.

We would like to end by saying: There are over 1 billion Christians in the world and over 246 million Christians in the United States that come in all colors and creeds. We believe "urban" is not a race or gender, but a lifestyle and culture so diversity is key. We are looking for individuals who have a voice in their community that has an interest in interviewing up and coming artists in their geographical location. We are also looking for individuals who have a passion for writing about the topics that we mentioned above. Submission coverage for articles or artists interviews can be in the form of articles, video interviews, or video footage.

*Select writers will have the opportunity to become part of are permanent writing staff along with other perks and benefits.


Journalism Duties:
• Attend events and venues (some you choose and others are assigned by Editor-In-Chief)
• Approach and speak with artists to secure interviews
• Interview artists and write articles following the interview.
• Write a variety of articles for both the print publication and website.
• Research future events and conceptualize content thematically
• Write event reviews
• Research interviewees
• Work with layout
• Write and submit one article per week for consideration for publication

Clerical Support & Misc
• Help in the creation of data sheets, mailing promos and mailing lists
• Social media networking, work to actively boost Facebook and Twitter numbers
• Other tasks as needed or assigned


Character Expectations of our interns: Punctual, engaging, progressive thinking, responsible, honest, assertive, imaginative, and MUST BE ENTHUSIASTIC.

Desired Qualifications/Skills:
• Strong command of the English language
• Good writing skills
• Proficiency in MS Word and Office applications

Professional Obligations:
• Report directly to the magazine’s Editor-In-Chief
• Must attend meetings with Editor-In-Chief and Managing Director (Skype)
• Must be available by phone, text, and email, and respond within a timely manner
• Must have a stellar work ethic and ability to meet deadlines
• Ability to work independently or work with minimal supervision

How To Apply

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