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This is the first American magazine ever to showcase only what the USA has to offer. It brings together all of our talents, products, companies, artists and designers. We bring to light the remarkable people that make our country so great.

Our Vision: To inform, excite and thrill our reader with the most brilliant articles, fabulous editorials and astounding features. To give them something that has never been offered before, a magazine that showcases only what comes from the USA! We bring our reader the newest and latest trends, news, products and entertainment that America has to offer. Bringing them closer to home and in the know of what is happening now. Everything that is included in this magazine is about America, made in America and loved by America.

Interested applicants need to be organized and passionate about the magazine and what it stands for. We need our interns to be enthusiastic about what they are doing. The staff at Nationalist magazine feels that this magazine can make a huge impact on America you need to feel the same way too. You need to want to see products made in the USA everywhere you go and let people know that you are helping to make this happen.

America has so much to offer and Nationalist is the only place you can find up to the minute news about it. We are making a difference in our economy, lifestyle and every aspect of our everyday life. If this is something you believe in and want to be a part of then you fit who we are looking for as an intern for Nationalist Magazine.


We are very flexible with our intern’s schedules, but you must complete the tasks given and meet deadlines. This is a virtual internship that means that everything is done online via email and Skype. It is vital that you read everything carefully. You must be able to communicate via email and be able to read and follow the direction efficiently. You must be obsessively organized!

All internships are VIRTUAL you can work from any city, state, any where you are.


Internships at Nationalist Magazine are a place where you can grow and learn in the field you love. As well as add to your portfolio of work. It is a place where you can get involved in the industry you want to break into and meet contacts that can help you realize your dreams. If you are not sure which area you want work in you may intern in one area and then when the internship is over you may intern in another area. But you must complete the internship you were given.

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