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CLT3 Consulting is a small security company specializing in risk assessments, security infrastructure design, and aviation, port and rail security screener training and testing. We also provide security feasible studies, security lectures and presentations. Extensive experience in security training, security equipment testing, major event security (entertainment, sports, political and non-political events and logistics). CLT3 has counterparts throughout the United States, the Middle East, North Africa, and South Africa.

Intern will work with President and or the managing Director of company via computer (Skype) and sometimes in the office. Opportunities may arise where intern may accompany management to meetings and presentations if deemed appropriate. CLT3 needs assistance with writing short statements referencing security related comments, projects we are working on, etc. and posting on the website and social media Blogging.


Searching business opportunity sites, communicating on-line with security business forums. Participate in networking events etc., that have been vetted to determine if it’s a value added to the company’s interest and or benefit. Very limited administrative duties, (tracking of monthly expenditures and insert in computer). Intern will be responsible for reviewing security related news articles (paper, print, blogs, tweets, etc.) Draft language for statements/articles to be posted electronically.

Seeking a forward thinking person who is creative, bring new ideas and concepts that will help the company and office function and operate smoother.


Intern should be professional, know how to speak and dress appropriately at all times. Good writing and speaking skills is a necessity, use of computers, smartphone, I-Pad etc., is required. Prefer a student who has had some previous office work experience but will be willing to work with someone who is positive, creative thinker and eager to learn. Having an interest in security and security technology would be best for this position.

This position is a part-time non-paid opportunity. Schedule is flexible, willing to work with interns school and work schedule.

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